Developmental Transformations

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New products and services are the lifeblood of the growing enterprise. Having business processes in place ensures that these critical areas are in tune with the needs of the business going forward. As world class commercial professionals, we are experts in scoping, implementing, and running development operations. Whether it’s Stage-Gate™, VotC, Fuzzy, Agile, QFD, ad-hoc, or any combination - we work with you to get it done. It starts with ideas, and ends with profitable products & services that exceed customer expectations.

Our experience in sustainability initiatives is world class. The total impact from programs we’ve been involved with is measurable and defendable - owing largely to the global standards (GRI) and procedures that we implement with our clients. Environmentally, millions of tons of CO2 have been removed from the atmosphere via making it into products and thru aggressive reduction and optimization programs. Water is cleaner and usage is optimized across the board. Socially, the communities around our client base have benefitted from enhanced compliance, reporting, fair and safe employment practices, and a multitude of human rights improvements. Economically, our clients have gained in revenues and profits from greatly improved market presence as a result of our combined efforts. And we’ve only just begun...

The efficient utilization of technology is imperative if any of our joint development efforts are to be successful in the short or long term. We selectively recommend and implement technological advances because they work and provide measurable benefits to the organization, not because they are “the latest” or “in vogue”. Properly scoped, planned, and implemented, they speed decision making by providing timely access to detailed information. No holdups mean faster and better decisions based on all pertinent information. Technology allows your - and our - presence to be felt when it’s required.

  1. BulletNew product and/or service development

  2. BulletScoping through implementation

  3. BulletStage-Gate™ process initiatives

  4. BulletFuzzy front end (“fuzzy”)

  5. BulletVoice of the Customer (VotC)

  6. BulletAgile (software)

  7. BulletQuality Function Deployment (QFD)

  8. BulletPortfolio management

  9. BulletSustainability initiatives - from strategy thru implementation

  10. BulletIdentify your impacts

  11. BulletMeasure to establish a baseline

  12. BulletExplore alternatives

  13. BulletImplement

  14. BulletReport your findings (Global Reporting Initiative)

  15. BulletTechnology strategy and integration

  16. BulletKnowledge management (KM)

  17. BulletIT strategy

  18. BulletERP strategy & implementation